About us
The story of Stara Čaršija begins centuries ago and reaches far into the future.
The Mediterranean, as the oldest geographical area, is inhabited by a whole intertwining of different
cultures, religions and nations, from what used to be eastern Persia to western European kingdoms.
Wellness & spa
With its establishment, Stara Čaršija Hotel & SPA opened the door to Stari Bar, a destination that was less known to tourists until now, but its great potential, cultural heritage and natural beauty delight visitors from both eastern and western destinations.

This complex takes our guests back to the former Stari Bar with each segment. With authentic cuisine, comfortable and luxurious apartments and professional staff, you will feel the well-known Montenegrin dedication to guests, enjoy the Mediterranean climate and taste the passion that our chefs bring to each dish. As the first hotel complex categorized with 5* in Bar, we have the honor and at the same time a greater responsibility to raise the efforts made so far to an even higher level. It is our task to convince you that the "prize" has reached the right hands. Our masters, who built the Stara Čaršija with their golden hands, are the pillar of this vision.

With their art and skills, they leave a mark in every stone. Our hotel complex is oriented towards the magnificent Old Town, which jealously preserves history, culture and authenticity behind its walls. The view of the massive mountains of Rumija did not leave anyone indifferent. The complex exudes a combination of past and present, tradition and modernity. The interior of the hotel is a combination of stone and wood, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication, providing our guests with a sense of tranquility and comfort.

We want to offer you a pleasant break from everyday life and afford as many moments of tranquility and harmony as possible, which you will remember us for!